Befab Deep Deck 63

A high Befab Deep Deck 63 is the ideal load bearing roof sheet used mainly when resistance to load heavy dead load is required. With it’s exceptional strength and span capabilities Befab Deep Deck 63 provides a rugged structural platform for all types of roofing.


Befab 20/100/1000 Mini Box

Befab 20/100/1000 Mini Box is miniature version of the well established Befab 32/166/1000 and Befab 32/200/1000, with a depth of 20mm this profile very compact and is less industrial looking. It can be used as a soffit sheet or side cladding but is better suited to smaller roofs due a smaller drainage area. The other advantage this profile has is that the top and bottom of the sheet are mirror images therefore the front and back look identical when used as side cladding or as a partition wall.


13.5-3 Corrugated

13½/3 Corrugated is a sinusoidal profile. It is the traditional profile that most people think about when they talk of “corrugated iron” or “wriggly tin.” The 13½/3 corrugated sheet has a depth of ¾”, a cover width of 3’3” and is extreme easy to install. The profile is mostly used agricultural buildings but can also be utilised on commercial and industrial projects.


10/3 Corrugated

10/3 Corrugated has a depth of ¾ inch and a 3 inch sinusoidal profile that exactly matches that ant other Befab corrugated sheet. The distinctions between the profiles can be seen when the cover width and side lap detail are more closely inspected. 10/3 Corrugated has a cover width 2’6”, this narrower sheet is more versatile, as it can be ventilated or curved to whatever radius is required. When run with the two lips pointing up a corrugated sheet in manufactured that can be used on a Spaced Roof for additional ventilation.

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