8/3 Corrugated

8/3 Corrugated has a depth of ¾ inch and a 3 inch sinusoidal profile that exactly matches all of Befab’s other corrugated metal sheeting. 8/3 Corrugated has a cover width of two feet and is the most economical solution to any storage need. The sheet can be fitted with the two lips pointing up for use on a Spaced Roof for additional ventilation and can be easily curved to whatever radius is required.


Befab 32/166/1000 Box

The trapezoidal shape of Befab 32/166/1000 Box profile is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also improves the strength of the sheet. With a depth of 32mm and seven flutes across the 1M cover width, Befab 32/166/1000 has increased rigidity and impressive load/span characteristics. The general shape of the sheet indicates that Befab 32/166/1000 can be used as roof sheeting or wall cladding, also with broad and deep valleys the profile has excellent drainage properties.


Befab 32/200/1000 Box

The trapezoidal shape of Befab 32/200/1000 is not only appealing to the eye, it also provide impressive strength along the length of the sheet. With six flutes across the one meter cover width and a depth of 32mm this profile give good rigidity characteristics and exceptional drainage properties. The key advantage that this profile has over other roofing sheets is that a wider valley improves the erector’s footing, increasing safety for all involved. This profile is available in both Roof Profile and Wall profile.

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